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We have been grooming for many years now and we love every part of our job! We provide a very judi online warm and friendly environment for your pets. Our professional team will make sure your pet always gets the highest level of care because we treat all pets as if they were our own!

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Our professional team provide exceptional grooming service.

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We take pride in giving you and your pet personalized attention.

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We love every pet, so your pet feel relaxed and stress free.

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We also cater for Cat too. They are also our friends

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Visit us today for your pet’s beautification.

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Step it up buy providing your pet with a mud bath to remove irritated skin,itchy and scratch etc.

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Lighten up your doggie by colouring its fur.

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  •   We will be back. Great service and so nice to be able to walk in and not have to make an appointment.

    thumb Lindi M.

      I want to thank Jenn for an amazing job she did on my baby! He recently had surgery and had not been groomed since the operation. His hair was so long and different lengths. He is an older man and does not like his feet touched. Jenn took the time to cuddle him and make him feel safe. He looks so handsome and smells great. I was so shocked he did not bite her and she was able to do his feet. Jenn and the owner Terri took the time to answer my questions on his nails, feet and eye care. I am so thankful they were able to take care of him and make him look so good.

    thumb Stephanie M.

      DO NOT GO HERE!! I took my two pups there and this review would have 5 stars if it wasn't for the snappy lady who sounded like a manager or maybe even the owner. Name started with a T I believe. I dropped them off right before I had my classes at UNLV and then planned to pick them up before closing time at 5pm. In the middle of my class, I get a call from this company (3pm) and they tell me that I am their last client of the day, that my pups are done, and I need to pick them up this instant. I am in the middle of class at this point, with another class right after and planned to pick up the pups before closing time, which I told the lady. Then she feeds me this crap saying we don't hold dogs here once they are done and because I am the last client they are closing up. She feeds me this other crap saying this is a stressful environment for dogs and it's cruel to leave them here. Lesson learned, this place is a cruel environment DO NOT TAKE YOUR PUPS HERE WHATSOEVER!!!

    thumb D'Angelo V.

  •   Very happy with the service here.  Jennifer did excellent grooming for our little pup.

    thumb Amber S.

      I can't say enough good things about this place! I have been taking my golden retriever here since he was a puppy and have always received amazing service. All of the groomers are so talented that my pup always looks great after his visits regardless of who he sees. My pup is always so excited to go in, so I know they take such great care of him from the moment we walk in, to the moment he leaves. I am so glad I found this place, if I could give this shop a 10 star review, I would!

    thumb Jordyn L.


    My moms poodle got groomed here yesterday and came back with bruises on both sides of his face and a cut on his belly. When we picked him up he was so sad and so scared. First of all , he does not act that like that ever , and when we have picked him up in the past he has always been excited to see us and jumping around. This time he just seemed so off , but i just figured he had a long day and we took him home. Upon further inspection (and the fact that he would not leave my side and kept laying his face on me) I noticed that he was two bruises one on each side of his face. HE DID NOT HAVE MATS ON HIS FACE. Even if he did have mats on his face this bruising is absolutely unacceptable. I work at a vet office and he is a rescue that I took home to my moms house. When he came into our office as a surrender he was covered in mats including on his face, and I was able to shave all of those off with patience and not cause him any harm. MATS ARE NOT AN EXCUSE TO CAUSE HARM TO AN ANIMAL EVER .. BE PATIENT AND DO YOUR JOB RIGHT. The tear stains that he had on his eyes could have simply been wiped with warm water and a cloth or shaved with care. There is no reason ever to send a dog home with bruises and cuts !!! it does not matter if you're in a rush or if you're frustrated the animal always comes first !!!! It's not like he can come tell me everything else that they did to him I can only know from the bruises. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what else they did to him that just didn't leave a mark ..

    Not to mention the fact that they tried to fluff up the hair around his eyes so that we wouldn't notice! So they know that they did wrong and tried to cover it up, and they let us walk out of that building pretending that everything was fine .

    Reply to Owner : Im glad that you think this is a "laughable experience". You are disgusting and how dare you question my intelligence and what I know about my dogs behavior. As stated above he acted differently this time being picked up versus other times. Maybe if you don't see cuts you should closer at all the pictures I posted. HIS EYES HAVE NEVER LOOKED LIKE THAT SO FOR YOU TO TRY TO LIE TO ME AND TELL ME THOSE ARE COLOR SPOTS IS RIDICULOUS. I know what my dogs face looks like and this isn't it . not to mention his face got even more bruised and cut up this morning .. all the photos are labeled so maybe take another look . Your aggressive response just proves my point. if this is how you treat people i can't imagine how you treat dogs. and don't worry for a second i will be doing my own grooming from now on or going somewhere trustworthy.

    thumb Nereyda S.

  •   I like everything about these Groomers - they do excellent work on my puppy,I've never been happier!

    thumb Lalena S.

      I love this place so much! I call them to make an appointment and will say my dogs names and most the time they say "the boys!" I feel like they are family and I can entrust my dogs to them. Highly recommend.

    thumb Megan W.

      If I could leave zero stars I would. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR DOG DO NOT BRING THEM HERE!!!

    This is the most unprofessional establishment I've ever dealt with. They need to be shut down. I brought my Scottish Terrier in for a summer cut. They botched his hair so bad he is unrecognizable. I will post images of him but I would like to first get into the response of the manager.

    I called and said I am not satisfied with my dogs hair cut. She over talked me the entire time and didn't let me get in a word. Her response was " well we can't glue the hair back on" how rude is that!!  I am a business owner myself and I would NEVER speak with my customers this way. I felt totally disregarded and I was given no help. After writing this review I will be searching for higher help. This business needs to be shut down!! The Management team isn't helpful and the groomers have poor skills. My Dog has bald spots all over and he isn't happy with his hair. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PLEASE CHECK THE REVIEWS AND NEVER COME HERE. They are extremely unprofessional. Also check other reviews and look at the owners response. The manager also texted my phone without my authorization. And yes you guessed it her response was RUDE. Also to the owner before you respond and say my dog was matted... remember this is a Scottish Terrier they have a distinguish cut and he was not given that. Scottish terrier low cuts consist of low back low skirt and always ALWAYS hair on their legs. what my dog was given was a butchered cut! Every dogs cut is not a one size fits all. They should be cut to the owners request and breed!!! bold spots is unACCEPTABLE. The whole cut was horrible the manager and groomer should be fired for inexperience and unprofessionalism.

    thumb Sade C.

  •   My new groomers!!! Britney was amazing with my malinois puppy and service dog.

    I was so nervous to take my dogs to the groomer. Rex, 2yr old belgian malinois, is a cautious dog and doesn't adjust well to change and new people. I was a very nervous dog mom taking him to a new place. Hades, 8 month belgian malinois puppy, barely walks normal on a leash and has NEVER been groomed, so to say I was terrified was am understatement!

    Britney eased my concerns and my pups were immediately comfortable with her.  Rex did amazing and Hades is not a fan of water. They were de-shed, washed, nails, ears, glands. They work with all dogs and temperaments! I will be bringing all 3 of malinois here from now on!

    I highly recommend this groomer and please ask for Britney for your large dogs.  Heads up though... they charge a fee to use your card and you can only tip in cash, so easier to just pay cash.

    thumb Brianna C.

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